$Header: /home/users/hurtta/cvsroot/mail/elmme+/README.ME+,v 2.1107 2024/06/29 09:22:40 hurtta Exp $ Version Elm2.4ME+ PL0 (25) is based on version Elm2.4 PL24 ME8b+. Version Elm2.4 PL24 ME8b+ is based on version Elm2.4 PL24 ME8b. Version Elm2.4 PL24 ME8b is done by Michael Elkins . For details, check file ANNOUNCE.ME [ Michael Elkins posted the equivalent of MIME code in Elm2.4 PL24 ME8b to Elm Development Coordinator. Later changes are not posted to Elm Development Coordinator. ] Version Elm2.4 PL24 ME8b is based on version Elm2.4 PL24. Version Elm2.4ME+ PLx (25) includes patch of version Elm2.4 PL25. Version ElmME+ 2.5.x is based on version Elm2.4ME+ PLx (25) and incorporates code from of Elm 2.5. =================================================================== * Changelog of Elm ME+ 2.5 Changes on Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha64 compared with Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha63 -------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY: This release last read timestamps file for used for folder browser when access time of folders are not updated when read. "Eu" -command (show mail quota usage) now rereads IMAP quota before displaying. New elmrc options are "use-last-read-file" and "last-read-fallback-locking". Also some bug fixes and other changes are included. - Added file .elm-last-read-{uid} on directory (when directory is writable) or file ~/.elm/last.read, when mailbox is on mailhome directory, to keep track last read time of folder. * This helps situation where access time of mail folders or mailboxes are not updated when they are read and therefore N (new mail) indicator is shown on folder browser although mail folder or mailbox is read after it was updated. - Added "use-last-read-file" elmrc option. Values are: no Do not read or update .elm-last-read-{uid} file yes Create, use and update .elm-last-read-{uid} file auto Use and update existing .elm-last-read-{uid} file. Create file if access time is not updated. existing Use and update existing .elm-last-read-{uid} file This elmrc option is also used for ~/.elm/last.read update. - Added "last-read-fallback-locking" elmrc option. This lock option knows following keywords none None of values are selected (use value none to disable locking) flock Use flock() locking. flock() does not lock files over NFS. fcntl Use fcntl() locking. prefer Prefer this option instead of folder-locking or mailbox-locking - ~/.elm/last.read file uses conf-merge-locking. - .elm-last-read-{uid} file uses either folder-locking, mailbox-locking, or last-read-fallback-locking. - Exported char * MAILBOX_LOCKING[] from lib/read_rc.c to hdrs/rc_imp.h and added "prefer" value to it. - Change for fbrowser_selection_is_mbox() - Small change of home[] initialization on user_init() - Moved struct file_changes from lib/alias/aliases.c to lib/addr/file_changes.c and from hdrs/aliaslib.h to hdrs/addrlib.h - Possible fix for malloc_gets() - Added cat_dir_entry() to lib/mox/localmbx.c and lib/mbox/def_mbox.c - Changed write_conf() on lib/misc/conf_write.c - Changed insert_commentfile() on lib/misc/commentfile.c - Changed most of ino_t and dev_t output to use (unsigned long) and %lu format. - Added copy_num_messages_folder() to lib/mbox/mbox.c and hdrs/mboxlib.h - Added mbx_give_message_count_folder() to hdrs/mbx_imp.h - Added mbx_give_message_count_default() to lib/mbox/mbox_generic.c and lib/mbox/def_mbox.h - Added number of messages to Reading in XXX message: xxx counter if available and there is enough space. - Changed width calculations on Reading in XXX message: xxx counter text. - Possible fix on quota_display_add_qlist() on src/quotadisp.c - Possible fix on ref_mqr_imap() on lib/mbox/imap_quota.c - "Eu" -command ("E)xtended command" - "show mail quota u)sage") now reloads IMAP QUOTA information. * Changed prototype of mbx_give_imap_quotar_list() * Added quotaroot_list_set_refresh() to lib/mbox/quota.c and hdrs/mboxlib.h - Changed cs_streamclip_from_unknown() on lib/cs_unknown.c - Possible fix for lookup_static_host_sentry() on lib/static-hosts.c - Possible fix for compare_threads_1_revsentd() on src/thread.c New file: lib/mbox/last_read.c lib/addr/file_changes.c doc/elmlastread-info New elmrc options: use-last-read-file last-read-fallback-locking Changes on Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha63 compared with Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha62 -------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY: This release includes tagfilter module for filtering text/enriched and text/html tags. This release adds "editor-tfent-propline" and "page-tagfilter" elmrc options and new tool "elmtagfilterents". This release adds global "elm.tagfilter.entities" and user "~/.elm/tagfilter.entities" configuration files. Also some bug fixes and other changes are included. - Changed prototype of string_matches_ascii() - Added op parameter: SMA_op_normal, SMA_op_match_prefix, SMA_op_find_ascii, SMA_op_return_order SMA_return_len can not used with SMA_op_return_order - Added tagfilter module for filtering. - Tagfilter supports following text/enriched tags when builtin++ pager is used:
(detected, does nor work correctly (*)) Other tags are just filtered. - Rewrapping and joining of multiple lines to one line for displaying not supported when replying or forwarding mail or when viewing with external pager. This is similar than how content type text/plain; format=flowed is handled. - If builtin pager is not used (or when replying or forwarding mail) shows message [ text/enriched is unsupported, filtering tags. ] (*) Centering does not work when displayed line cover several tags or several lines on original message (before newline is converted to space or multiple lines are joined to one line for displaying). - Added pg_ITALIC flag (termcap codes ZH and ZR). - Added pg_DIM flag (termcap code mh). - Added pg_SUBSCRIPT flag (termcap codes ZN and ZV). - Added pg_SUPERSCRIPT flag (termcap codes ZO and ZW). - Added pg_STRIKETHROUGH (no termcap code) - Changed PR_CENTER_THIS handling on span_helper() - Tagfilter supports following text/html tags when builtin++ pager is used: